Thursday, August 9, 2012

Coffee Table....FINISHED!

Back in this  post a few weeks ago I mentioned a coffee table I had begun to redo.....But then got distracted by puppies, naturally.

I visited a great new store in Cypress, TX called The Prickly Pair Collections that is filled with tons of treasures. A lot of the antique furniture there features the use of chalk paint and wax, which is a new technique to me.  I immediately thought this would be PERFECT for the wooden edge of the coffee table.

So we bought the paint, wax, of course the wax brush, and got to work:


It took me two coats to get the coverage I wanted on the wood with this paint. But we bought the small bottle and didn't even use half.  It goes a long way.  

                                   Below, I'm applying the wax,  this is after I sanded the edges to get the 
                                                                antiqued look I wanted.

With new screws,  buffing of the wax and transportation to the new apt, we have our completed coffee table!

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