Thursday, November 22, 2012

Giving Thanks...

Hope your day is filled with much joy!

Monday, November 19, 2012

We're live!

The etsy shop is up and running!

I've had a bunch of requests for a website to see signs...and I feel completely awkward saying "hey yeah just got to my blog". So I FINALLY created an etsy page

Check it out!


Saturday, November 17, 2012

A very friendly Thanksgiving

Friday night, my lovely friend Laci, who happens to be one of the most talented hostesses I've ever known, decided to throw a friends Thanksgiving feast for our group.

It was such a special evening for many reasons, the biggest being just how thankful we are for each other and
that God has brought us all into each others lives over the past year.

Laci's Thanksgiving table was simple but very warm. She said it cost around $60 for decorations, starting from scratch! Not bad for things she can use year after year!

The table had neutral fabric as the table cloth then was diagonally covered with a layer of burlap. The center piece was made of garlands of fall leaves, candles, and pilgrim and Native American figurines!

She also personalized mason jars for each of us with our own hand print.

(Somehow, years ago, thanks to a silly friend and high schoolers I used to work with, the nickname datgurladrie was given to me, as you can see it has stuck around. ;) )

The feast was perfect and a great way to kick off the holiday season. If you've never done a friends thanksgiving, give it a try... You'll love it! And let me know how it goes!

Cheers to you and yours!

Timberwolf market

I was so nervous I almost didn't even take my signs out of the car. "What if it looks bad compared to everyone else's stuff? This is my hobby, why am I sharing it to potentially get judged?"

These were all the thoughts running through my head Thursday because my school was having a craft fair that I over enthusiastically, weeks before, said I would participate in.

It's no secret in the past two months because of my job I haven't been able to build and paint as much. So I felt like I needed more inventory. Better items. More time!
However, I worked on a few items this week and filled my little cart with signs I had painted over the past few months and set up shop.

And you know what? It went GREAT! Many coworkers, some that I know pretty well and some I had only smiled at in passing (our school is really big and I'm pretty new) were so KIND!

A few signs sold and I took a bunch of custom orders which was so exciting!

What a fun start to the holiday season.!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Year 2: Traditional or Modern

My husband Cole and I will be celebrating two years of marriage in December.

Our first anniversary flew by without much celebration, but in all fairness we were in the middle of leading a high school ski trip and then were heading to a 5 day trip to Disney with the organization he used to work for a few weeks later. So a trip just didn't even hit our radar.

For the 2 year we began dreaming. Ski trip? Cozumel? A redo of our honeymoon cruise?

Then one of us said it. I don't remember who, probably Cole he's real smart like that, "What about a new bed?" And that was it. We were smitten with the idea.

Apparently the 2 year mark is something traditional or modern.

See? We're traditional and didn't even know it!

And a bed we got. The biggest, almost the best, and definitely our whole trip budget.

To be able to afford the amazing tempur pedic, the manly man I live with decided to build us a bed frame.

He did a fantastic job!

My father in law got in on the building action and then I put him to work helping make some more signs to paint!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Pinteresting ideas

Have you seen these photos floating around pinterest? Adorable right? But who has an antique rake just lying around?

Well, my awesome in-laws that's who. They live in the historic section of sweet home College Station (football team ranked #8 in the nation right now!) and have an awesome house filled with amazing antique treasures, some Amazing homemade pieces and my mother in laws quilting company, Bridges Stitches. Have I mentioned I think it's amazing?

Anywho, they gifted to me a lovely rake end from their patio and I've turned this gorgeous piece of furniture we have into a little drink station.

Mind you the only thing we have currently available is some sparkling apple cider, but we're hoping to become really rich someday, probably from blogging, and buy really expensive wine.

So this little station's theme is made with the sentiment, "If you build it, they (expensive wine bottles) will come."


Sunday, November 4, 2012


I'm so excited with how the rescued mirror-turned-chalkboard turned out!

I did three coats of the chalkboard paint, the last one done with a roller. Which from now on I'll just use from the start because it gave it that smooth chalkboard look.


Thursday, November 1, 2012

Crafting Hobo

If it's not IN the dumpster it's not trash, right?

Monday was an odd day and I got to leave work for I ran to Jason's Deli and then home to let my little hethen out of his cage for some play time.

As we were walking around, I saw a giant mirror in the dumpster area and promptly went and claimed my treasure! No shame.

This mirror is seriously heavy and huge. And a perfect excuse to try out my new can of chalkboard paint. It also needs a few nails here and there but overall, is in pretty good condition.

It has some killz on it in the bottom picture and I'll try out the chalkboard paint tomorrow...wish me luck :)