Monday, August 6, 2012


He's cute.  He's adorable.  He's snuggly.  He's big.  He's fun.  He's Cash, our chocolate lab.  So many things could be said about this funny little guy.

UP until now.

The move has done him in.

My personality filled snuggle bear has turned into a complete temper tantrum throwing, trash eating, hair clip stealing, dumbbell weight grabbing monster.  

And mostly, it's directed at ME.  I'm still on summer vacation and he's gotten used to (ahem, spoiled) with all this time together and has become a complete year and a half old mama's boy.

He constantly wants my attention, reactions and to be in or on top of whatever I'm doing.   Whether its painting, washing dishes, trying to make the bed or hanging pictures.

                                                    (just for the record those are cole's legs)

Has anyone else's dog reacted to moving like this????

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