Saturday, August 4, 2012

Little Treasures

We're in! Not completely organized by any means....but a huge shout out to my mom and dad who helped out more than they will ever know!

This summer I traveled to Canton, TX to visit what is called First Monday.  Hundreds of vendors set up to sell awesome antiques, homemade goods and really every decorative/gift item under the sun. 

I found this cute little postcard holder and at another vendor found antique postcard/gift tags.   Screaming with delight I think my mom and I started a frenzy because suddenly 15 other women were also digging through the postcard bins along with us.  You couldn't blame any of us, they're so cute.

I've hung it in our entry way,  which I'm not sure will be it's final destination.  But for now it's adorable.  And I wanted to show you some of the cards as well:

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