Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Sharpened Pencils!

Teachers don't get pretty things.  We don't get big laptops with even bigger screens to sit at a nice big desk like some engineers I know of *cough cough*.   We don't get metal name plates outside our office door, (right now there's a name tag outside mine but it's the wrong teachers name, and we (who have the priviledge of being in a portable building) get the joy of sharing a washroom with 3rd graders.

le sigh..

This is not a complaining post, I promise. I LOVE my job and acknowledge all of those things come with the territory.

It's just emphasizing that the cool things teachers have in their rooms they make! and create! and buy from other teachers!

I saw a few teachers with these cools signs with their names on them in the shape of pencils last year and thought, hey I can do that!  So this summer I've been making pencils for lots of teacher friends!

If you want one just email me :) adrienneleigh83@gmail.com

And if my wonderful father in law ever ventures to this site, I'll have him send me the pic of the Aggie one I did for him because it was my favorite.  I also need a pic of my SIL because her's was awesome too.


*If you know a teacher who would be interested in one of these adorable signs, let me know.  I custom make them and can specify colors, sizes, designs and prices (hint: they're cheap)*

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