Saturday, August 4, 2012

Bigger Treasures

This summer I got the chance to head up to Oklahoma (one last time ever please Lord) to visit my sweet sister.  She's (fingers crossed) moving back to the great state of Texas within the next week or two.  But, while in Norman we did some shopping and found this great shop right across from OU campus...which, btw, is a beautiful campus. (I just felt the eyes of a thousand Aggies frowning with disapproval.)

Cole, my husband, LOVES maps and one shop (owned by this wonderful lady, and I soon as I can find her card I'll tell you the name of it)  had this antique map of Paris for a ridiculously awesome price. The woman who sold it to me was great. So I snatched it and drove my happy little self all the way back to Texas as carefully as possible to not damage this treasure.

Then in Canton, TX during that other trip to First Monday.... I found two metal/wooden decor that were darling and could be of use somewhere.  The guy selling these however was not as bargain friendly as the lady in Norman.  I played every card I had.  The smile.  The teacher card.  The 'they're selling them cheaper down there' move.  But he wouldn't budge.  So my two little decorations actually were more than the map itself, but whatever. 

                                                           There's Cole,  he rocks. 

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