Sunday, June 2, 2013

Last minute orders...

My sweet friend Krystal texted me a pic one night asking if I could paint her something for a baby shower.  

Only problem: she needed it pronto.  Like in two days.  

Which normally I like to give myself 2 weeks on an order. 

 (Not because it takes that long but I like having the option of procrastinating for a solid week and a half. It's the college girl still in me, I guess.)

I was feeling super happy that night and immediately responded OF COURSE! We were at a Lumineers concert, and who can have any worries when surrounded by hipsters, right?

When I finally got to work, it became obvious all of the wood pieces I had were too small, just woodn't do.  (See what I did there?) 

So I used a canvas and think it's adorable.  This obviously is a recreate from someone else's design so I take no credit for the creativity, but sometimes it's fun just to do a project without the stress of "what will it look like" hanging over you.  

The texted picture:

The finished result:

Saturday, May 18, 2013

We put the fun in fundraising

I am the worlds worst fundraiser. I hated selling Girl Scout cookies. Loathed the Jr. high band chocolate sale. And all but boycotted the high school prom magazine sale.

I think it's because I'm cheap. Well, frugal. I hate buying stuff I don't really want. The idea of just trying to ask someone else to do that makes me cringe.

However, there have been several times in my life where I've had to raise money for various mission trips or for Young Life etc.

Which is why, when a woman I had made pencils for this past Christmas, asked me how much I would charge to make children's height rulers for a fundraiser for her mission trip this summer.....I told her I would make them for Free!!

While I'm sad that unless the stars align like crazy, it probably won't be me going on a mission trip anytime soon, it really is amazing to be on the giving side. Giving money, or in the case, helping raise money, to allow others to experience the joy of serving others in another country. took awhile to get started. And it didn't help that it rained so much the week I actually decided to paint and stain the wood that it took an extra day because of humidity to dry.

But I made a height ruler with pink birds for a girl and blue owls with stained wood for a boy. They turned out adorable and I wish I had taken better pictures. This was a project I'll definitely want to try again!

Ps with the height rulers and her boy and girls gift basket combined, my friend raised over 2000 dollars!

Monday, May 6, 2013

Baby things!

First things first... I'm going to be an aunt! Soon! Like in a month!

We are so excited to meet baby Cade.... And to celebrate, my sister-in-law's fabulous friend Desiree, aka party hostess extraordinaire, threw the cutest shower I've ever been to.

The house was full of baby chevrons everywhere, cake pops, blue punch and she didn't even make us play shower games! ;)

To top it all off though, Mommy-to-be Allison's favorite drink is Dr. Pepper, so on the glass soda bottles they wrote baby Cade, just what the Dr. Ordered!

Can't wait until June!!

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

More pencils

Pencils were a big hit his year. I haven't made any since around Christmas time.... However, a girl that I made one for called last week, and has a friend that wanted one.

She only gave color specifications and as far as design, just said "make it look good!" So I went with some standard designs and think they're cute!

This was also a perfect way to spend a Wednesday night after a stressful day at work.

Check them out:

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Crafting Respite

Recently I clicked on a blog of a girl and she hasn't updated since November and I immediately thought "ugh, why have a blog if you never update it!"

Hello pot. Meet kettle.

So yes, I've taken a semi-crafting respite this spring. The holiday season burned me out a little. (a lot)

Completely out of character for me, I let most of the supplies sit, untouched in the craft room, and didn't feel bad about it.

But lately art has been calling me back. I carry my sketch book around with me. Painted two pieces for our living room, and have received several orders as of late.

(Cue song "Back in the New York Groove" to start playing now)

Sometimes a break can give you exactly what you need.

Do you need to step away for a bit?

Monday, March 11, 2013

5 a Day

Earlier this month, I read a really cool blog about a girl who got rid of five things a day in her house for a month.

It really got me thinking... Do we have that much stuff we could get rid of?? Turns out the answer is: YES.

Now, the only rule, a rule that I love, is that anyTHING counts as a thing. So that freed me up to not feel pressure about clearing out whole closets. Basically, I could start small.

I learned over the five days that most of the stuff that I have that I don't regularly use is for sentimental reasons. Or, the thought that I will "for sure need this someday."

Turns out those curtains I've saved since my Jr. year of college never got used again. I just liked having them around.

I learned a lot about myself, such as to start prioritizing what is worth saving and simply begin letting go of attachments to "stuff".

Here's a sneak peek at some of the things I got rid of.... I'm taking the challenge again this week on spring break, so I'll update again!

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Family Name Signs

My sweet friend Laura requested some name signs for herself and friends of theirs. She gave me some samples, but asked that I create some originals. Her only request was that there be some blue coloring somewhere!

Below are what we came up with. I used some verrry aged wood which looks cool, but was difficult to paint on. The pics don't do the colors justice, but they were really fun to work with!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Anne's wedding pt 2

To continue the narrative of Anne and Kelly's wedding.... She chose early on to go with a fiesta theme. From the invitations, to the flowers to the cake, she did a fabulous job pulling it all together.

You know how those "Mr. and Mrs." signs are all over Pinterest for couples to hold and take a pic with, well I made some for Anne only they said señor and señora!

We also made a sign that said "Uncle Kelly, here comes your bride!" for her nephews to carry down the aisle. Long story short, it only got used at the reception, but they looked super cute carrying it in...

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Anne's wedding pt 1

A wonderful friend and sorority sister of mine left me a year ago. :( It was for a boy.

She landed herself a new job and new life in Chicago and we all missed her dearly.

But wonder of all wonders, their jobs unexpectedly brought them back to Houston!! They wasted no time getting engaged and we all got to celebrate in their wedding festivities with them.

Sweet Anne had me paint a few things for her wedding which I'll share later, but I surprised her at a shower with a pencil with her new name.