Saturday, May 18, 2013

We put the fun in fundraising

I am the worlds worst fundraiser. I hated selling Girl Scout cookies. Loathed the Jr. high band chocolate sale. And all but boycotted the high school prom magazine sale.

I think it's because I'm cheap. Well, frugal. I hate buying stuff I don't really want. The idea of just trying to ask someone else to do that makes me cringe.

However, there have been several times in my life where I've had to raise money for various mission trips or for Young Life etc.

Which is why, when a woman I had made pencils for this past Christmas, asked me how much I would charge to make children's height rulers for a fundraiser for her mission trip this summer.....I told her I would make them for Free!!

While I'm sad that unless the stars align like crazy, it probably won't be me going on a mission trip anytime soon, it really is amazing to be on the giving side. Giving money, or in the case, helping raise money, to allow others to experience the joy of serving others in another country. took awhile to get started. And it didn't help that it rained so much the week I actually decided to paint and stain the wood that it took an extra day because of humidity to dry.

But I made a height ruler with pink birds for a girl and blue owls with stained wood for a boy. They turned out adorable and I wish I had taken better pictures. This was a project I'll definitely want to try again!

Ps with the height rulers and her boy and girls gift basket combined, my friend raised over 2000 dollars!

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