Saturday, April 13, 2013

Crafting Respite

Recently I clicked on a blog of a girl and she hasn't updated since November and I immediately thought "ugh, why have a blog if you never update it!"

Hello pot. Meet kettle.

So yes, I've taken a semi-crafting respite this spring. The holiday season burned me out a little. (a lot)

Completely out of character for me, I let most of the supplies sit, untouched in the craft room, and didn't feel bad about it.

But lately art has been calling me back. I carry my sketch book around with me. Painted two pieces for our living room, and have received several orders as of late.

(Cue song "Back in the New York Groove" to start playing now)

Sometimes a break can give you exactly what you need.

Do you need to step away for a bit?

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