Monday, August 20, 2012

Sweet Little Sasha

Apparently I blinked and over a week went by! You know what that's here!

Our old apartment complex had a trash chute on the 3rd floor where we lived (which most people decided the chute was too difficult and it became more of a trash room) and this resulted in me being able to collect a few "treasures" while we lived man's trash or something like that....

But these two, perfect condition little ikea side tables were in there one day and I snatched them right up.  These are the types of things  I always love for my classroom at school, but hate spending money on. 

Everything about them are great; they work great, are not wobbly, but it seems sweet little Sasha who owned them before me had a great time with some markers in her room one day (she was probably in time out when this happened, let's be honest).

 With a little sanding, two coats of killz and beautiful olive green color these will  be a great addition to the classroom! 

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