Saturday, August 11, 2012

Hug your Favorite Librarian Day

What memories do you have of your elementary school librarian?

I remember mine, not her name (oops!), but that she would dress up every year in a silly costume and get in a pretend bath tub to provide an example of what NOT to do with your library book. She would also always faithfully read to us every week (something many librarians apparently don't see the need to do anymore).

And she held firm to the rule that if your library stick falls out and there's a book in your hand, that's the book you HAVE to take.  (I ended up with an Amelia Bedelia book I was very unhappy about as a third grader).

As an elementary school teacher myself, I can look back with fondness and appreciation for all that our librarian did for us.  I've seen some horrible librarians in my few short years as an educator. Stories I will save for another post. .

 Being a librarian has become a lost art:
~creating a love of books and of reading in children
~ the ability to help teachers with special projects
~staying abreast of the newest children's literature as well as being able to teach and let children attach to old, classic characters

All of this takes skills. Mad ones.

And there's one lady I've had the priviledge watch do this for most of my life.  My Mom.  She's probably the best elementary librarian I'll ever see, and I say that without any biased.

Her library is small, but when you walk in you can see and feel Mom's warmth, decorating style and meticulous detail in every inch of that space. (she can also recall the name and author of pretty much any childrens book by me just asking, "sooo, remember that book, with that girl, and that house, and.....")

So even though I painted over every other pinterest painting I made this summer,  I used a garden sign idea from it that I knew would be perfect for her library. (it took a long time to paint this one)  She hung it this week as she is preparing for the start of the school year.  It's right at the entrance of her library. (I'll have to take pictures and show you the full room at some point)

So the moral of this post is less about these cool signs, and more about awesome librarians.  So go hug yours today.  :)

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