Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Lovely Tuesdays...

It's a lovely Tuesday night.  I somehow "forgot" my work binder at school today, so OOPS, I can't write lesson plans tonight.  :)  That is leaving me reorganizing my HOT MESS of a craft room and cleaning for our Modern Family Premier watching party slash my 29th bday fiesta tomorrow night!

Recently I made my wonderful friends a name sign to hang in their new home. They are gettting married in November and have recently purchased a new house.

I built and stained the wood sign awhile ago and have been wondering what to do with it.  I decided my dear friend and her beau need a very newly-wed gift.  I'm going to paint the metal hooks black for a sleeker look.   

Also please note the awesome lamp my sister bought me as an early birthday gift!!

If you would be interested in a personalized family name sign for your home or as a gift please contact me @ adrienneleigh83@gmail.com 

1 comment:

  1. Hey I love this sign and I like the metal hooks they way they are, but I know you will make it look awesome no matter what!

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! We need to talk about a sign for the Bridges!!