Thursday, September 6, 2012

Awake My Soul

If you're a mumford and sons fan here's some good listening for you while you read my Thursday night rambling post.  It's also a little hint about my most favorite project I've been working on yet to date.  But you don't get to see that until Saturday.

Simply because tomorrow is Friday and I promised my husband I would hang out with him instead of grading papers, painting, tutoring or writing lesson plans.  

But also because I spent most of my night tonight trying set up the etsy shop of Adrienne Leigh Designs. 

Ain't as easy as it sounds.

There more projects I do the more I NEEEEED things.  Like a new pretty camera so my barn wood paintings can look like all the pretty pinterest pictures you see.  Ok that's mostly the one thing I need.

And I use need loosely.  I have a camera.  I just want one.  ;)

I hope you're listening to the youtube video right now.  Otherwise I'm 97% sure you stopped reading two paragraphs ago.  

Here's to a happy week, a happy friday, and investing your Love and Life into the things that matter.  :)

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