Sunday, September 9, 2012

My Classroom

This year I have a portable building....our school is only six years old, so to me, it is all new and pretty and fresh.  However, a portable a portable building.  

I love as the school year goes on getting to fill the room with life with the kids work.  However,  Monday is parent night at school so with a little lot of work these past two weeks, (beginning of year routines, testing, paperwork, and adjusting to an amazing school that does things quite differently than I'm used to i.e. even more paperwork), I had to stay late on a Friday so that I could enjoy the weekend and be ready for kids...and parents come monday.

So here are a few snap shots of my room! 

 Notice my name sign and cute little Sasha's refurbished side table?! :)
 Cole's Mimi made Uncle Sam!

No, I did not go to Ole Miss.  But long story short, we had to pick a university for our classroom and I chose Ole Miss.  Hotty Toddy.  


 See I told you I stayed late for a Friday.   :)

Hope you're having a great weekend....and if you're in the Houston area, can you believe this amazing weather?! Cheers!

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