Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Coffee table pt duex

I've embarked on another coffee table adventure. 

Apparently, the craigslist gods know when I've found a treasure because, just like when I picked up the first coffee table, the heavens opened up into a good old Houston downpour just as I arrived to pick it up. Yikes! 

 This time I remembered to take a before picture. 

Next,  I decided to use a coat of killz after a good sanding, because last time it took too many coats of the expensive chalk paint I wanted for covereage.

We (Dad helped, he has the cool tools) tightened the legs,  did some more light sanding,  and got to work turning this is to something way fun.

I am so delighted with how it turned out!  

This coffee table is a great! It's on the smallish size and would be perfect for an apartment or smaller tv area you have.  The color is neutral, with a tint of gray. 

Please email adrienneleigh83@gmail.com if you would be interested in purchasing :)

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