Sunday, September 16, 2012

If you blog it, He will build. as I mentioned in my last post I've been dreaming of a bookshelf wall in our house.  Things in the living room seemed very blah. Basic. Boring.  

Well...I showed the Mr. some of the pic ideas for a bookshelf wall and he went crAzy. The idea of a bookshelf wall was just great to him. You see, I consider myself an avid reader, I've gotten book reviews published for goodness sakes, but Cole out-reads me 3 to 1.  No joke. The boy is a reading machine. 

We spent Sat getting all the supplies and Sunday building.  It was all done way quicker than we anticipated.

If you remember here is my before view of our little apt: 

Then we began the building process....(please note we are watching hgtv as we build)

Which Cash wanted NO part of :

 And ended with this:

And got so excited we had to put SOME stuff of the shelves....but it is by no means finished....: 

We couldn't be more thrilled with the results. It gives the room height, and the picture truly does not capture the difference it makes. There are still more changes we will make to it, I'm contemplating staining the shelves. And the biggest issue with this room, despite what it looks like in the picture, is there is NO light! So more lighting is the next project to tackle.
  But all in all, loves it. 



  1. Oh I'm so proud of y'all! It really looks good. Much better than the first shelf Mike built for us out of cinder blocks and boards (not stained) but that was the fad in 1975!!!

  2. The shelves look wonderful! I'm sure it made the whole room look so big - Great job!