Monday, July 23, 2012


Recently, I found a beautiful treasure of a white-washed perfect apartment sized butcher block (that was in need of some TLC) and decided to take upon the task of making it worthy of actually being inside somewhere.

It took a lotttttttttt of sanding.

But I got it pretty much down to bare bones....

That's when Cash decided he had had quite enough of all this work.  Yes, he actually wedged himself between me and the butcher block and put his paw on my sanding arm. 

Because really he wanted to do this:

Where did he get all of those milk jugs you're wondering?  Well, it was recycling day and he took it upon himself to steal as many as he could from the neighbors recycling bin before he got caught.

Please tell me your dog is like having a 2 year old too??

*Final pics of butcher block repainted and looking all pretty coming soon!

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