Monday, July 30, 2012

Honey that ain't what you want

We're right in the middle of moving.  This week.  Which is fun. The coffee table is done and I will have a complete post  about that tomorrrow.

But,  I wanted to show you another favorite little project I threw together this week.  I am banning myself from any more projects until we are moved in by the end of this week, because what I should be doing right now is more packing.

I digress.  Somehow, my husband has acquired several of those laminate dark, wood bookshelves over the years.  Mostly from times when people would move or his office moved.  Anyways, we own a small one,  medium sized one, and LARGE one. (We're waiting for goldilocks any day now.)  And they are just awful.

 So I had this great idea to paint them.  After googling "painting cheap bookshelves"  I came across centsationalgirl and she had a great tutorial about products she used to redo an armoir.  So I ran my happy self up to home depot looking for the Zissner product she recommended.  However, the lady in the paint department STRONGLY disagreed that I could even do the project.

-You gonna have to sand that real good.
-Umm yes I know m'am.
-Well git that. (points to shelf in front of me)
-Uhhh, You're pointing at blue paint.
-No you gotta walk to the other aisle. 
-Oh duh.  Why couldn't I just read your mind.  My bad.

Well after looking at a lot of products;  I decided just a good 'ole bottle of Killz along with some sanding would do the job.

After getting my cheap rollers, getting my killz shaken, I was headed on my merry way out when I get screamed at: 'HONEY that ain't what i told you to git!  That ain't watchu want."  And do you know what I did?   I WINKED AT HER.  (Who does that? I'm not a winker.)  And said "It'll be fine" and starting jogging toward the self checkout. 

So I started with the tall book case.  Sanded like crazy (much to the delight of my downstairs neighbors).  Two coats of killz and two coats of a pretty light grey (that just looks white to me)  and she was done!

The other, and most cool addition, is that my dad got me some old, awesome wood that I cut and nailed to the back of the bookcase.  It's adorable, but cannot stand unless it is leaning against a wall.  I'm sure the movers will appreciate that.   :)


  1. Love the wood backing of the shelves!! Are you selling these shelves?

  2. I WOULD be willing to put these up for sale! I can also redo any you have, Madge! :)