Monday, October 8, 2012

A little Monday Night

Life is what happens when you're busy not blogging.  Tis true.

Since the last time I've blogged I've read: 


I've graded ~4000 papers

I've done ~8 loads of laundry

 and worked out ~6 times. (only because my friend Laci is crazy awesome and makes me do it)

Also,  I've found this little gem at a local goodwillish type store.

 (The best part of this picture is Cash playing with his Homie, (large sized Homer Simpson doll he's OBSESSED with)

And here it is after lots of sanding and a coat of killz...just a typical Monday.

 (Please note, this being a significant amount of time after the previous picture was taken, Homie is left to rest in peace and a bone is now the object of affection.)

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