Sunday, October 14, 2012

Lessons Learned

I've been working on two projects lately. The desk from the previous post and a butcher block redo.

Here is the butcher block, formerly white and in the process of becoming black (and awesome):

These two projects have become the bane of my existence.  Because,  while they present themselves as solid wood, they are thoroughly laminate.  And don't believe those cutesy pinterest bloggers who talk about how "easy" it is to paint laminate.  It isn't.  They lie.  And they have really good cameras to make their ridiculous creations look awesome.

Ok rant over.

But...I've learned a few things.  Feel free to disagree or offer suggestions.

1.  Don't sand the laminate first (unless it's in awful condition).  It creates an awful backdrop that no number of layers of killz, primer, paint + primer, will make smoothe again.

2.  Do many layers.  1 at a time.  And don't go over what you just painted, unless it's to quickly remove dripping.

I finally figured this out on the backside of the butcher block and the drawer.  But one side of it is a *hot mess.

(*my husband says I only look at the flaws and that it looks fine.)

Here is the drawer with it's first quick layer.  FIGHT the desire to go over it again until dry.

Here it is after several layers. See?? pretty. (drawer is on top)

 I'm heading to get some cute knobs for the drawers/cabinet doors tomorrow and off it will be sent.  Will show a final pic when finished.

Hope we all have a blessed week!

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