Monday, March 11, 2013

5 a Day

Earlier this month, I read a really cool blog about a girl who got rid of five things a day in her house for a month.

It really got me thinking... Do we have that much stuff we could get rid of?? Turns out the answer is: YES.

Now, the only rule, a rule that I love, is that anyTHING counts as a thing. So that freed me up to not feel pressure about clearing out whole closets. Basically, I could start small.

I learned over the five days that most of the stuff that I have that I don't regularly use is for sentimental reasons. Or, the thought that I will "for sure need this someday."

Turns out those curtains I've saved since my Jr. year of college never got used again. I just liked having them around.

I learned a lot about myself, such as to start prioritizing what is worth saving and simply begin letting go of attachments to "stuff".

Here's a sneak peek at some of the things I got rid of.... I'm taking the challenge again this week on spring break, so I'll update again!

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