Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Year 2: Traditional or Modern

My husband Cole and I will be celebrating two years of marriage in December.

Our first anniversary flew by without much celebration, but in all fairness we were in the middle of leading a high school ski trip and then were heading to a 5 day trip to Disney with the organization he used to work for a few weeks later. So a trip just didn't even hit our radar.

For the 2 year we began dreaming. Ski trip? Cozumel? A redo of our honeymoon cruise?

Then one of us said it. I don't remember who, probably Cole he's real smart like that, "What about a new bed?" And that was it. We were smitten with the idea.

Apparently the 2 year mark is something traditional or modern.

See? We're traditional and didn't even know it!

And a bed we got. The biggest, almost the best, and definitely our whole trip budget.

To be able to afford the amazing tempur pedic, the manly man I live with decided to build us a bed frame.

He did a fantastic job!

My father in law got in on the building action and then I put him to work helping make some more signs to paint!

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  1. That is just an amazing picture of Mike. You are a fantastic photographer among many other talents! Please text that picture to me!
    Thanks...the mil