Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Pinteresting ideas

Have you seen these photos floating around pinterest? Adorable right? But who has an antique rake just lying around?

Well, my awesome in-laws that's who. They live in the historic section of sweet home College Station (football team ranked #8 in the nation right now!) and have an awesome house filled with amazing antique treasures, some Amazing homemade pieces and my mother in laws quilting company, Bridges Stitches. Have I mentioned I think it's amazing?

Anywho, they gifted to me a lovely rake end from their patio and I've turned this gorgeous piece of furniture we have into a little drink station.

Mind you the only thing we have currently available is some sparkling apple cider, but we're hoping to become really rich someday, probably from blogging, and buy really expensive wine.

So this little station's theme is made with the sentiment, "If you build it, they (expensive wine bottles) will come."


1 comment:

  1. you are too funny! That's really amazing that something we've had laying around could become so functional. And when you get rich from blogging we'll have that drink together!! Love you so much.